EBS Training Methodology

To address these organizational development challenges, Ecotel Business Services has developed a structured curriculum and a continuous evaluation and feedback system that ensures that your organization's investment in our program affects your bottom line positively. Our curriculum is carefully designed to fit all levels of the organogram.

Needs Assessment And Learning Gap Analysis

We identify the training needs of our client by using a structured process of enquiry. This enables us to determine the learning gap between current and desired outcomes. Through this process, we also identify specific requirements of the client, target audience and business KPIs that we want to impact with our learning and development program.

Planning And Design

Based on the assessment and requirements identified we establish our learning and training objectives. The learning objectives are communicated to the learners at the beginning of the training so that we can focus our training activities towards achieving them. At this stage we determine the training material, content and the method of delivery.

Training Implementation And Execution

The actual training is conducted at this stage. Learnings are delivered in ways that learners can easily relate to and understand.


At this stage, we assess the effectiveness of our training program. We first invite learners’ feedback on the training content, method of delivery and the trainer. This feedback helps to improve future training programs. Secondly, we conduct written or oral assessments to evaluate the learner’s understanding and knowledge acquired through the training. This enables us to determine if learning objectives have been met. Finally, we assess whether learnings are being implemented on the job since our primary goal is to ensure that our learning and development program leads to real behavioral and performance changes on the job. We use a number of different approaches and the assessment is conducted over a period long enough to guarantee learnings have been adopted.

Reports And Analysis

Here, we review the whole learning and development program to measure its success. Using feedback from the various stakeholders and other job information gathered we analyze the program and prepare a report for our client. Through this assessment we identify the strengths and weaknesses of the program and propose measures to fill those gaps.