Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping provides a uniquely objective and unbiased source of truth and insight into the consistency of your brand and the effectiveness of your customer experience, advertisement and training programs. With this high-touch and high-tech service, you get an honest, unemotional view of what real customers experience and perceive when they interact with your business. You can use this insight to make meaningful changes and improvements where they matter most.

We are passionate about partnering with businesses to deliver operational excellence and drive brand alignment while empowering frontline stakeholders to provide unparalleled customer experience.Our Mystery Shopping teams at Ecotel Business understand your industry, benchmarks, and channel nuances to help you: correct problems before they impact your business, measure consutomer experience effectiveness and gather potent competitive intelligence and protect your brand to continually improve customer interactions

Customer Retention

Customer retention is an important part of business/organizational success. Most of us think we're doing a pretty good job of meeting our customer's needs. And that's where the problem lies. We should not be striving to just meet our customer's needs. Great customer service means anticipating their needs and exceeding their expectations. The result will be loyal customers who become advocates for your brand!

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Operational Auditing

Mystery Shopping/Audits brings to the company’s attention the little differences that can turn around the business to be a success. Mystery Shoppers are trained to give you specialized and specific feedback, this could be about employees, products/services, or competition. which gives the business an edge to stay ahead of the competition.
In every industry such as retail, restaurant, grocery, banking, hospitality and entertainment, brands want their managers, front-line employees, and franchisees to deliver their brand promised to customers. To do that, they invest in advertisement, training and coaching and create compliance standards and guidelines. The expectation is regulatory compliance, operational excellence, sales teams equipped to maximize revenue, delighted customers, and a brand that has great value for its employees, franchisees, and shareholders.

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Measure Performance in the Industry

Ecotel Business Mystery Shopping helps you understand your industry, including specific customer triggers, performance benchmarks, and other nuances.
As a result, we know how to collect deep, meaningful insights that enable you to make concrete, measurable service and product improvements. By collecting unbiased, emotion-free intelligence about both your own organization and your competitors, you can identify competitive strengths and weaknesses and quickly adjust to gain advantage.

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EBS Business Solutions

What Ecotel Business Mystery Shopping offers:

  • Monitoring and measuring service performance
  • Improving customer retention
  • Creating employees awareness on serving customers
  • Monitoring facility conditions
  • Ensuring product/service delivery quality.
  • Supporting promotional programs
  • conducting competitive analysis between locations
  • Identifing training needs and sales opportunities
  • Ensuring positive customer relationships on the front.
  • Enforcing employee integrity and knowledge.